'10 Audi A4 2. To see how frequently Audi Q7 problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. It is injected into the exhaust gases and burnt at very high temperatures to break down harmful nitrogen oxides. Ford Delphi DCM3. What kind of vehicles use Adblue AdBlue is used by modern diesel engines which are equipped with an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst. the unit (heater and sensor) in the adblue tank is a non serviceable unit and must be replaced. hopefully this is the last of these problems. Lets narrow it down to groups to be realistic. com/1000q/audi-q7-tdi-dpf-faq. Does claimed mpg. German Association of the Automotive Industry trademarked the name AdBlue in 2005. How does AdBlue work? Tiny amounts of AdBlue are injected into the flow of exhaust gases. More and more 4X4s have AdBlue fitted, so it's time to learn more about it. Increase the performance, reliability and fuel economy of your 2012-2014 VW Passat TDI by eliminating the restrictive Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Adblue (DEF) system and factory catalytic converters, thus allowing the exhaust to flow more freely. 0 TDI Quattro Audi A6 driving on Autobahn A6 trip route Damage to the Audi A6 long-term test car Map showing where the Audi A6 bump occured You don't get burgers like this at UK service stations Audi A6 on hard shoulder Audi A6 flat tyre Audi A6 on spacesaver Audi A6 damaged tyre Audi A6 side view The A6's 3. AdBlue is a non-toxic, non Care must be taken not to contaminate the AdBlue tank. It's ADBLUE PROBLEMS. Below are screen shots of Adblue/SCR reset successes and failures in a 2012 VW Passat TDI: Below is a screen shot of a properly reset Adblue/SCR in a 2015 Audi Q5 3. Some Audis are supplied with a hexagonal AdBlue filler cap, which requires The Adblue injector is pulsing from 12-50% depending on the throttle, and the pump seems to be running around 12%, and the adblue tank is registering as full still. 3/ look or for your local filling stations, one near us is 59p per litre, bought in a 10ltr bottle expect to pay anything up to £2 a litre - you will need to buy the 1st bottle from Škoda though, once the bottle is empty cut the bottom off the bottle and use it as a funnel. No restart in 600 miles!" came back after 200 miles. 0L TDI vehicles may be eligible for a buyback of their car, lease termination, or an emissions modification, plus cash. Some AdBlue filler caps on older models will require a tool to undo the cap. The Q7 TDI is fitted with an AdBlue-swilling exhaust-treatment system. 2015 Touareg R Line, 27k miles. Other cars? Maybe. clb Audi 2. is not associated with or endorsed by Audi AG, Volkswagen AG, Audi of America, Volkswagen of America, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Smart, Lamborghini, Jeep, or Dodge. Car now has . Targeting shoppers after the stunning looks of an Audi coupe with the added functionality of a four-door, the A7 was a compelling model. 5 • LAMBDA Remuver v2017. Another forum I frequent the Adblue issue of running out way before the literature states is very common, every owner who has taken their new car back to Audi and asked why it ran out so fast has had a free top up so far, how long this will go on who knows? This is on the Q3 with a 17 litre tanks, most seem to run out at around 6-8K Vw emissions recall reality on problems after fix? I had my 2. What the AdBlue warning light means. It is likely to result in a blocked filter which will mean no fuel It is a false detection. This is selection of our original adblue removal emulator units, all of these modules works perfect for adblue removal. AdBlue is becoming increasingly common in new diesel cars as carmakers seek to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations. For the technology to work, vehicles need to be ftted with a special tank for storing a liquid-reductant agent AdBlue So if your vehicle is fitted with Adblue there are a few things you’ll need to know. So, what is it? Why does my car need it, and what happens if I don’t put it in? AdBlue is a fluid made up of a mix of urea and deionized water which is 2011 Audi q7 tdi - adblue problem 02-21-2014 11:57 AM #1. So how is the new engine? We spent a week driving the 2014 Audi A6 TDI to find out. 00) about 3 months and 6000 miles ago and have not had any problems since. Therefore, it is important you understand how to refill your Adblue levels. We’ll also give suggestions on what to do if your Audi A6 does have one of these issues. Modern vehicles are set up to never emit more emissions than the law allows them; so if the car’s exhaust sensors pick up too much emissions, then you’re going to run into problems. Please be aware that with extreme driving/weather conditions Audi maintenance may be required sooner. # AdBlue is the name used internationally for an additive developed for the chemical and motoring sectors. What is AdBlue and does your diesel car need it? In general, if you own a Euro 6-compliant diesel Audi, BMW, Citroën, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz or Peugeot, it’s likely to use AdBlue Adblue Nox sensor issues with Audi . Many owners say their cars were working Is it illegal to disable, remove or bypass the AdBlue system in a vehicle that will be used on a UK road. Poor combustion. daf adblue tank with adblue module with exhaust system,cash on collection only. please help me. At high temperatures AdBlue turns to ammonia and carbon dioxide. It's a Euro 6 102bhp Jun 20, 2018 This white paper looks at AUDI, Daimler and the recent diesel-gate But, how is it that a simple software update is able to fix these problems, and if it was of ammonia solution (marketed as AdBlue) into the exhaust system. The AdBlue system has a pump that injects a small amount of the diesel exhaust fluid based on the engine’s operating conditions. '10 Audi A4 diesel and AdBlue fillers in Audi Q7 TDI. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Audi Q7 based on all problems reported for the Q7. Answer. The fuel isn't burning off completely. After years of timing belts, Audi and VW switched back to chains on some of their cars in 2005. 0L TDI only. Get message "Engine can't start because adblue bla-bla- bla" Vas pc can't reset it and function of deactivation adblue not works. Home » BBA reman forum » Problems and Solutions » audi q5 2011 diesel adblue reset. - Audi - VW Marelli 4MV added Golf4 models supports. I bought a Kruse refill bottle, and a 10l can from Halfords. AdBlue is a term most identified with diesel exhaust fluid in Europe, Germany, and surrounding countries. The AdBlue solution is comprised of 32. As the AdBlue tank on most vehicles is next to the exhaust, while the engine is running you shouldn’t have any problems. Browse our website to explore our full range of offers and book your next service at your earliest convenience through our easy-to-use tool. AdBlue ® is a fluid used in trucks to help them reduce their emissions. adblue is full. 0L TDI, A8 3. I could not restart Audi came at home to erase the message and I visited 3 time the audi dealer. Order Halfords AdBlue 10L Read reviews, reserve or buy online. Audi has released the first images and technical details of the new S6 and S7 Sportback models, with no teasers or build-up. There is no refueling AdBlue longer necessary. Each time the message “Refill AdBlue. This is located in the boot. 0TDi and VW commercial vehicles. I love the size of the vehicle and how comfortable it is to ride in. Posted By brocky Saturday, February 09, 2015 Audi Q7 3. BMW Audi A6 3. They have changed the AdBlue sensor, with no success. (1) Which vehicles are affected? The initial batch of cars affected were sold by Volkswagen and Audi between 2009 and 2015, and powered by a 2. Our long-term The Piusi SB325 AdBlue™ nozzle with magnetic miss-filling spout can only release fluid into a fill point that has a partnering magnetic adaptor inserted into it. Incomplete combustion. No, but you do have a responsibility to check and maintain your vehicles emissions and declare euro conformity and levels to the appropriate authorities. The main problem with diesels so far appears to be Volkswagen's diesel diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or AdBlue to reduce NOX emissions. But what is AdBlue, how does it reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions and what happens if you neglect to use it? Read on to find out more. JUST WHEN Volkswagen thought it was safe to back in the water, the company has landed itself in further trouble with efforts to resolve the diesel emissions problem it created in the first place. Sensor replaced, adblue topped up with another 9 litres to fill it and fault fixed. Of course, I had no idea about this and after 5500 miles of happy motoring was met with a warning that the AdBlue needed topping up. to give users a bit more time to fill up their adblue Audi has been caught cheating on its diesel emissions. 8% - maximum 33. The chemical solution, sold commercially as AdBlue, required a separate storage tank. AdBlue is essential in reducing your Vauxhall's emissions, but most drivers know little about what AdBlue is, and where to buy it. Engine Stalling Due to Failed Crankshaft and/or Camshaft Sensor The engine may stall when the engine is warmed up. Two from Do not drive your vehicle, but call one of our engineers who will be able to immediately assist you. 0L TDI and the 2013 A8 3. Audi admits more diesel emission problems. Adblue is a fluid made from Urea and purified water that is injected into the exhaust upstream of an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system to reduce NOx emissions from diesel engines. Jul 26, 2019 “We won't make it without a few dirty tricks,” an employee in Audi's diesel that have been linked to asthma, bronchitis, heart problems and cancer. View our consumer ratings and reviews of the 2016 Q5, and see what other people are saying about the QuattroDaily is a daily Audi blog and Audi news website where you can get the latest Audi reviews, photos, videos and test drives Volkswagen Group and Audi are committed to an action plan in respect of the NOx emissions characteristics of certain EA189 diesel engines. Unique AdBlue Problems - Anyone else? BTW, they gave me a very nice Audi A4 Quattro to drive around for 1. Jul 15, 2013 I have exactly the situation described at the bottom of this article: http://www. Maybe it could be resetet with vag-com or other tools Thanks Q5/SQ5 MKI (8R) Discussion - Adblue Pump Problems - I have a 2015 Q5 TDI that I purchased brand new and picked up in September of 2014, have had the vehicle replaced back in November of last year because of transmission issues, and since then I have had the Adblue code show up twice in my vehicle. Any other brand names or trademarks mentioned are for descriptive purposes only. Got a check engine light 3 weeks ago during one of the North American Polar Vortex cold snaps. Contact your local Audi Centre or watch the video to find out more about AdBlue. In addition to offering AdBlue ® at pump, AdBlue ® is also available in 10 litre packs at more than 100 Shell Coles Express and retail sites, and is now available in bulk supply and 1000L IBCs for commercial customers. First, there was the widespread _dieselgate_ story for 2. This by themselves makes I love my Audi Q5-it's a smaller compact SUV, which is great for me because I don't want to drive something too large. Jan 2, 2013 I did a refill with NAPA Generic adblue last month. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To get the best possible experience on our site you should use latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. I was somewhat surprised that the dealership didn't top this off as part of my 30k service. if is someone so kind to help me i"ll put the original file here. I have two children and both car seats fit well and there is still room for someone to sit comfortably in the back with them. Diesel Particulate Filter and adblue Solutions for diesel engines Diesel Particulate Filter Following changes to new car emissions legislation in 2009, 'Euro 5' emission standards have made particulate filters as commonplace in diesel car exhaust systems as catalytic converters are on petrol cars. In a vast stream of comments, VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat owners complain about problems following the upgrade. However, to offer some guidance to you, motoring organisations recommend that any more than 5% of petrol mixed with diesel can cause problems and should be drained before you top up your car. Adblue is an additive which is added to diesel on DPF equipped cars to aid the regeneration cycle by generating heat. E. It’s a reducing agent that runs into the gas flow and it turns into ammonia which splits nitrogen oxide into non-toxic molecules of nitrogen and oxygen. Here is the solution 1) Take the car on a road where you can drive at 50mph for atleast 5 to 7 mins. 0 diesel dpf nissan qashqai dpf nissan qashqai dpf problems qashqai adblue qashqai dpf fitted qashqai particulate filter when did a qashqai have a dpf Tap the to learn more about the most common Audi Q7 problems. DPF-EGR-Lambda-Adblue-Flap-DTC-Hotstart-Remover v2017. AdBlue is not exclusive to Audi and can be purchased from a number of outlets. VW, Audi and BMW to offer BLUETEC diesels in US. I went home with a red message (“Refill AdBlue. The injectors need to be inspected. Two from a shell petrol station and one from BP Home » Flaws and Problems with the 2014-2015 Audi A6 TDI. We are here to help you with your Audi dpf problems and Audi engine ecu remap. 05 has been released! New version 2017. See the 2011 Audi Q5 price range, expert review, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and listings near you. . Adblue is all based on the same system - thus all the sources of urea for diesel emissions controls is essentially exactly the same and probably even supplied by one or two companies. Apr 23, 2018 When Audi put the 3. Also possible with defective pumps. Our technical Director Lee has seen many AdBlue errors related to Nox Sensor faults. Our company doesnt resposible in any legal problems that groves with this decision. AdBlue never comes into contact with the fuel, it is a common misconception that it is an additive. Attached is the full scan. The reserve level in that AdBlue/DEF tank once you hit that light is around 2000-2500 miles. You can even remove the entire SCR Urea System. AdBlue Fluid Replacement. Q5/SQ5 MKI (8R) Discussion - '15 Q5 TDI - multiple Adblue faults? - Hello, I bought a 2015 Q5 TDI in January of this year and the car is great to drive, but I'm becoming extremely frustrated with multiple Adblue faults; the car is now in the shop for the fourth time in 7 months. 0 Audi done and apart from a perceived difference in fuel consumption by 1 or 2 there were no other issues over the next 6000 mile Audi's very popular Q5 has a new high-performance variant for 2014 called SQ5. Owners choosing to refill AdBlue® themselves are not eligible for reimbursement. Please select the link below for more information. 0T premium plus AdBlue™ in diesel tank: The problem and solution AdBlue™ is commonly mistaken as a fuel additive, when in fact it should not be mixed with diesel at all. 0L TDI, A6 3. The goal was an 80% reduction in diesel particulate (soot) emissions, but the technology does have potential problems; roadside assistance patrols are already  Discover how VW's advanced emissions control system provides Selective Catalytic Reduction. Malone Tuning Ltd. These problems includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. Are you facing dpf diesel particulate filter problems on your Audi? We got all models of Audi covered with our latest DPF removal technology: Audi A3 dpf removal, Audi A4 dpf removal, Audi A6 dpf removal, Audi A8 dpf removal. those that meet ISO standard 22241-1. htm Unfortunately my. Curious how the 2018 Q7 compares to other years? Check out our Audi Q7 overview to see the most problematic years, worst problems and most recently reported complaints Audi Q7 engine code CCM 2009 MY 3. The aim is an 80% cut in particle emissions but the technology's not without problems and our patrols are often called to cars with a blocked DPF. For the 2010-2013 Audi Q7 3. VW Discontinued The Guilty TDI In 2014, So Why Can't You Buy The New Ones? Golf, Beetle and the Audi A3 TDI as well. e. Having DPF/CAT/EGR or AdBlue problems? Did your manufacture quote you an exuberant amount to replace any of the above filters? Tuned2Race can help you fix the problem for a fraction of the cost as compared to your manufacturer. When Audi put the 3. 3%) that transforms nitrogen oxides into nitrogen (N2) and water vapour (H2O) by means of chemical reduction. the removal of Adblue degrades the vehicle to Euro 3 level. 5% urea and 67. Problems in the injection system. 5dci qashqai dpf problems does a qashqai have a dpf nissan 1. In this video I demonstrate how to top up your Adblue tank. Audi A8 Quattro - Warning Light is on Inspection - Minneapolis, Minnesota. I took it for a 50km drive, and no new codes showed up. AdBlue enables your VW to meet Euro 6 gas exhaust regulations. Its important to check your AdBlue® fluid tanks and check on the TDI emission system at regular maintenance intervals. As i had lot of trouble with my Audi a4 DPF getting blocked i though of helping others who have same problems. 1 Complimentary AdBlue® refill service applies to the cost of parts and labor at authorized Audi dealerships for all 2016 MY Audi TDI® vehicles and 2015 MY A3 Sedan TDI® vehicles. - Audi A3 models EDC17C46 EGR hysteresis map problems has been fixed. The AdBlue fluid (urea and demineralized water) is injected into the exhaust system just before the SCR catalyst. All Audi Models Every 35,000 Miles. The Bad The A7 TDI requires additional maintenance in the form of 10,000 mile AdBlue fill-ups. and now this Adblue issue Despite loving the car I have never had so many problems with any new car before. I am confident that VW will address these problems, although it may take a bit of t Some AdBlue bottles have a filler tank adapter, which screws onto the filler neck of the AdBlue tank underneath the screw cap. Eventually the engine management light came on and I did a scan with VCDS. In addition, many factors such as mileage, journey type, driving style and environmental conditions can influence how much AdBlue® is consumed. The most recently reported issues are listed below. This innovative solution is poured into a dedicated tank in the car, which is part of BMW’s Blue Performance technology. Included in the price is a full diagnostic report before and after. Shop 2014 Audi A6 AdBlue. In most cases an Adblue problem can be resolved by simply carrying out a full software update on the vehicle. AdBlue is a necessity for most modern diesel cars. Both my Mercedes C Class 17 Plate and Audi A4 67 Plate are adblue, Audi just done 15k and light came on and I refilled it. The 2015 Audi A3 TDI can cover more than 700 miles on one tank of diesel, as AutoTrader discovers in this Real World Review. 3. but the reality is diesel is a dead-end technology and the VW problems have just sped up the demise of the diesel Yes, Adblue freezes at temperatures below -11 degrees C. Drive continuously for 5 to 7 mins at the sppeed pf 50mph in 4th gear at or above 2000 Halfords AdBlue 10L available online at halfords. scanned it and it says p203f reductant level too low. Vaico® AdBlue® DEF fulfills ISO 22241, DIN 70070, and AUS32 industry specifications. - Tipp City, OH, USA Adblue NOx Sensor Control Unit for VAG 8R0907807G. It uses the NOX Sensor as an input into the Adblue system to tell it how much Adblue to inject; seems reasonable to me. [Archive] Sprinter AdBlue bypass , countdown reset NCV3 Talk and overall these systems are complex in nature causing service problems. Diesel issues slow sales of full-sized SUVs. With WhoCanFixMyCar, simply say what you drive and where you live, and local AdBlue Suppliers will provide competitive quotes for your Peugeot AdBlue refill, wherever you are. Under the terms of our court settlements, owners and lessees of Audi A3 2. We cover virtually all models of Car, Van, Truck, Tractor and even plant machinery. and thanks in advance. If you run out of adblue the vehicle goes into limp mode for at most 100 miles. com. 0L TDI in it we largely wondered why anyone The fill port for AdBlue is located next to the diesel filler under the fuel fill  Jan 4, 2018 I'm starting a new thread to make it easier to search this issue. DEF is a consumable in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) that lowers NO x concentration in the diesel exhaust emissions from diesel engines. May 8, 2018 Audi admits more diesel emission problems Reports suggest the software in question limits the injection of adblue - an additive used to help  Feb 9, 2014 I have got a 60 plate Audi Q5 special edition, and I am getting I had a problem with Adblue on my 1st Q5 - also an SE - and it took a number  Apr 2, 2015 Q5/SQ5 MKI (8R) Discussion - Adblue Pump Problems - I have a 2015 Q5 TDI that I purchased brand new and picked up in September of 2014,  Sep 8, 2016 One of the more common diesel exhaust systems used is AdBlue, which that can illuminate to warn you of any issues with the AdBlue system. This involves the fitting of a small wire in CANBUS module then we carry out some software programming. The car has only done 1850 miles and has now been taken to an Audi Centre. 50 per litre, including VAT and labour. Below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2011 AUDI Q7. In some cases we Luckily, even though this fluid is aftermarket, delivered by VAICO®, it carries the very strict formulation to be covered under the industry standard tradename AdBlue®, which guarantees that your car will love it, and you’ll love how easy it is to replace. With a magnetic collar fitted in the AdBlue™ fill point only, the AdBlue™ nozzle can physically not dispense into the diesel tank as there is no magnet to open the spout. Most people are unaware that the AdBlue system on most cars especially Audi uses the NOX sensor as an input to ascertain how much AdBlue is required to be injected. Posted By brocky Saturday, February 09, The urea used in AdBlue is a high purity man-made solution – pig urine wouldn’t be pure or sterile enough for a commercial product. ingest AdBlue or inhale AdBlue vapors, due to the risk of an allergic reaction. 0L TDI: This may also be helpeful: “The Audi A4 Avant is a thoroughly modern yet conservative estate car, with a big boot and a sophisticated interior” No problems so far. adblue removal works without interruption of other electronic systems on vehicle. It's so simple and I can't believe any more expensive than the Passat setup during production. 0-liter turbocharged diesel engine. I am confident that if it comes to a court hearing that our position will carry the day. Audi W3 car warning lights, car warning symbols such as engine management light, ABS light, airbag light this guide will help you. adblue repairs WHY CHOOSE US With over 15 years specialising in software engineering and diagnostics on both commercial and non-commercial vehicles we have the knowledge and technical backup to get the job done. All Volkswagen Models Every 40,000 Miles. Nox Audi AdBlue® - read more about the service options available at Swansway Audi in Blackburn, Carlisle, Crewe, Preston, Stafford & Stoke. 50/litre of AdBlue at the local Audi AG. , it is necessary for certain operations to be carried out in between the given Audi-Forums is a forum dedicated to Audi owners where they can have discussions on specific Audi and VW models. Timing Belt Replacement. This process requires a diesel exhaust fluid, namely AdBlue, to be injected into the exhaust pipe after the engine to help convert the poisonous NOx into harmless water and nitrogen. (rear led indicator cluster mod on way) I am forced to repair the car despite the fact the tdi adblue system never worked properly as advertised by vw/Audi. The Adblue countdown is still going though! Now down to 160kms. 2016 Audi A6 TDI Quattro Prestige. Free delivery on eligible orders. audi q5 2011 diesel adblue reset. And freaking out, certainly, is a reasonable reaction to any of those changes in your otherwise benign life, which, typically, is devoid of The Unknown. 50 a litre Follow the link and scroll down The urea mix used in AdBlue/DEF also does NOT "crystallize" in partial tanks as some dealers might infer - again, no problems come up that require tank top off before that low level light, really. The Audi Q5 moves into 2014 with a few upgrades to what was already a good all-around compact luxury SUV. When the depth = about 23 mm it's adblue problems warranty aftermarket warranty and dpf cover audi dpf warranty car warranty cover dpf dealer refuses to fix dpf under warranty dealer will not replace Genuine VW Audi - AdBlue - 10 Liters - G052910A4. Some Audis are supplied with an AdBlue filler cap that requires the wheel nut wrench in the boot to unscrew it, as it has a hexagonal head. Audi's proprietary audio port requires adapter cables for external devices; a standard USB port would How to refill the adblue for your audi q7. Audi / Volkswagen do all Bluetecs use AdBlue? changing it yourself is a pain and may not successfully solve the sensor problems, computer problems, 20-starts There are 12 complaints filed for the 2011 AUDI Q7. Reading these common Audi A6 problems should help you find out what is wrong with your Audi A6 – or just what to look out for in the future. AdBlue is the registered trademark for AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32. Full Adblue removal from the vehicle. The North American model was previously codenamed NMS (New Midsize Sedan) and the version the rest of the world gets is sometimes referred to as B7. In light of the investigation into emissions from diesel engines built by the Volkswagen Group, we would like to inform you that all new Audi vehicles with EU6 engines are not affected. Mfg#: G052910A4 or problems that are identified by our Credit and Fraud Prevention Department. Euro6 emission regulations kicking in from 2014 will require most oil burners to use a urea-based additive called AdBlue, which, with engine This is a picture that appears to be of an Audi diesel and Adblue fill. Diesel Models Replenish AdBlue every 5,000 Miles. I'm told that the adblue system isn't a full time system. • The issue with selling DEF that is beyond its shelf life is the possibility of selling the customer a product that does not meet what is advertised on the label. AdBlue (SCR) Removal. So my 64 plate A6 ultra has had inspection service and Adlue top up. "Alliance Electronics helping to keep your vehicles on the road since 1993" Alliance Electronics supplies a wide range of new & Remanufactured Electrical and Electronic parts that are used throughout the Commercial Vehicle Industry. 0L TDI, A7 3. If an AdBlue warning light has appeared on your dashboard, don't wait to top up. 4 Liter. but also came with the AdBlue urea injection system just like the rest Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a method of controlling nitrogen oxide emissions. 5%) and is used in a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction  Jan 10, 2018 My experience suggests systemic problems: VW's claim that the fix has Suzanne Webber believes that the fuel economy of her Audi A3 has  Jun 26, 2018 Driver ignorance is behind the majority of 23,000-plus breakdowns linked to AdBlue last year, almost twice the total for the previous 12 months,  Has anyone else had this problem filling from the pump? (I read the audi a4 has either a 12L or a 26L adblue tank) not sure what I have. 022817 = February 28, 2017). Edmunds has a detailed expert review of the 2016 Audi Q5 TDI Premium Plus quattro Diesel. To see how frequently Audi Q5 problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. Diesel Particulate Filter Problems Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) removal and remap If your reading this then there is a very high chance you are suffering from a car in limp mode, with no power and considering either parting with a couple of thousand pounds at the dealership or parting with the car…. Universal adblue bypass for volvo trucks hgv lgv support euro 6 what is the adblue. What are the common problems? From what I could find I've seen possibly timing chain issues, adblue pump issues, and HPFP but I'm having trouble finding if it's this engine specifically or if it's in other VW models from other countries before this engine was modified for the us market. By now, you’ve probably heard of AdBlue. Now I know why ! On the plus side Audi roadside assistance was excellent. Audi engineers are attempting to come up with a fix so that only AdBlue can be fed through the system. For 2016, the A6 got a mid-cycle refresh, which means they kept most of the car the same but made some fairly minor changes. Usually Cures fault codes of: 9567 P229F NOx Sender 2 Bank 1. A audi dealer filled the tank ( 23 liters). Freezing will not change its efficiency nor concentration; it can therefore be thawed and utilized without any problems. Product Code: 8R0907807G This article originally appeared on YourMechanic. 0L TDI only, fill AdBlue Fluid completely with fresh fluid (maximum capacity: 23 liters) and adapt learned values for AdBlue tank under guided fault finding after filling fluid. Its not linked specifically to services, I just used that to demonstrate that the length of time between refills is variable dependent on use. This is a personal decision to buy this device. For many people, AdBlue remains a mystery. The Audi A6 Avant has an AdBlue filler cap located next to the fuel filler cap on the side of the car. How Does AdBlue The Audi A7 launched in 2011 with some of the most distinctive looks in the premium car segment, some of Audi’s latest powertrain tech, and plenty of selection via numerous trim grades and option packages. 2015 Audi Maintenance Schedule - All Models MY 2015 Maintenance Intervals - Canada The intervals shown in this table are based on vehicles operating under normal conditions. Mar 22, 2018 In the past decade, NOx has become an infamous problem. We’re fast approaching September and the implementation of strict new Euro 6 regulations – and if you’re planning on upgrading to a Euro 6 compliant van, you’ll need to understand what AdBlue is and how to use it. In a word, the new engine is great. Euro6 emissions regulations and SCR tech mean AdBlue usage is as they’re the ones that are said to contribute to breathing and respiratory problems in vulnerable people. No warning light. How can Audi create a fix to compensate for this function (which wasn't noted with EPA certification)? A second issue is with AdBlue dosing. Basically my mpg started to decrease significantly and my adblue consumption started to go through the roof, for no good reason. Read vital info on prescribed services. AdBlue Fluid – replace every 4 years regardless of miles/kilometers only if AdBlue has not been filled within the last 4 years (Q7 3. happened at 4,000 miles past warranty and dealer had no help even though a lot of tdi’s are having identical problems. We spent a week with one and have filed this road-test review. The Audi A6 is one such car: For 2014, the midsize luxury sedan has added an available 3. Modern diesel cars (since 2009) have to be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in the exhaust to stop this soot passing into the atmosphere. He also implied that while the manufacturers are specifying their own brand of urea (AdBlue, etc), it’s like oil, any brand that meets the requirements will work. 5 days, pretty small car with a big heart I can tell you hello all. The capacity of your Volkswagen Jetta’s adblue tank is 3. 5%-2. Will update and re-evaluate if any problems as a result of this. Comfortable, capable, and quick, the Audi Q7 is one of the best luxury SUVs on the market, a distinction we made official by awarding it two straight 10Best Trucks and SUVs awards. Reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides with this specially formulated AdBlue for Care, Car - OEM Audi Accessory # GUS052910A3. com +44(0)7594040272. I recently experienced the following problems with my van. We recommend customers only use reputable AdBlue products in their cars, i. Ughhh. The Adblue tank should always remain 75-100% fuel. I have seen what the stuff can do!!!! Not only this but most vehicles with adblue have emission control/lockout systems. Update: 5 months later - no adverse dashboard notification. 15733 P20EE SCR Nox Cat Bank 1 efficiency too low We also offer removal/coding out of the ADBlue system so you do not need to replace these parts, ask for more info@fr-rtuning. Yes, but the freezing temperature is -11°C, and it won’t begin to freeze until -10°C. Also, you haven't mentioned any specific model so (I am seeing a pattern on Quora) due to a lack of information in the question I can't provide a detailed Appoint AdBlue et voyant moteur (Page 1) / Classe ML W166 / Forum-mercedes. 9 tdi on a vehicle that should have had an Audi 2. In general, if you own a Euro 6-compliant diesel Audi,  WHAT IS ADBLUE. How to Refill the AdBlue for your Audi A6 Avant. I suspect that the level sensing mechanism in your tank is providing false readings, trigging the ECU to go into count-down mode. Buy Diesel Exhaust Fluid AdBlue Vw/Seat/Skoda/Audi at Amazon UK. When sprayed into a car's exhaust system In December 2009, a recall was issued for Audi 8R Q5 vehicles due to the A-pillar trim potentially coming loose in the event of an accident which causes the curtain airbags to deploy – this trim could pose an injury risk to the front passengers as it moved into the passenger compartment (PRA 2009/11312). AdBlue is a solution made up of urea and water that’s injected into the car’s exhaust system before NOx leaves your exhaust. More information on properties and safety precautions can be found in the Material Safety Data Sheet AdBlue® is a water-based and non-toxic liquid that reduces the harmful nitrogen oxides in diesel vehicle exhaust by up to 90%. Running out of AdBlue can significantly increase your car's emissions, and if left, can prevent your engine from starting altogether. TDI AdBlue pump problems. Audi, Mercedes, Peugeot, Citroen and Jaguar – all feature AdBlue is a fuel additive designed to significantly reduce the nasty pollutants emitted by most diesel engines. These materials could create malfunctions in your SCR-catalyst. 8 Gallons / 14. Learn more about the 2011 Audi Q5. This not only helps the environment, but also keeps your Audi car engine running at its best. Overall good experience, from purchase to refilling. Everything seems to be working fine. 8 May 2018 that the country's vehicle authority had summoned Audi for a formal hearing. 0-liter turbodiesel V6 that's good for 240 horsepower and a whopping 428 lb-ft of torque. We part ways with both Audi Mosman and Audi Australia on whether a brand new car that goes into limp mode without warning after a week, needs four weeks of servicing and has a potenitally indeterminate time to fix is a major fault or not. It's an extremely high purity, 32. Many modern clean diesels, including those using the The size of the AdBlue® tank fitted to your car will vary depending on which Volkswagen model you have, therefore the interval between top-ups will vary. Often times, without Adblue, most diesel engines will refuse to start. What exactly is AdBlue ? AdBlue is a mixture of water and urea, which you top up periodically, as you do with fuel. It is standardised as AUS 32 (aqueous urea solution) in ISO 22241. WHAT IS ADBLUE? AdBlue is the marketing term for a fluid used in the catalytic convertor fitted to the exhaust systems of some diesel cars. Back to the Audi dealer, oh yeah, this is an issue with some of the 1St Ultras, so they change the Adblue sensor, doesn't clear it, I am now without the car for the weekend because they are now going to replace the Adblue pump!! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The droplets of fuel being injected into the chamber are big, which leads to poor combustion. But engine not start. This option will completetly disable the entire Adblue system for good and you will never have a problem with it again. So yes VW adblue or Audi adblue is going to be nearly or exactly the same stuff MB is willing to sell to you for 50% more money. 0L 4-cylinder engines. I've had a truck since new and it went into the dealer twice under warranty for adblue problems in the first two years. Adblue remove emulator sell for countries that havent adblue liquid and use for during the remove faults in adblue systems. 0 TDI. / Audi / Q7 / adblue light reset 4 What can do to reset the adblue lighjt even that the adblue tank is full my 2012 audi q7 12 people found this helpful. If VW is in such a cost cutting mode, why would they design something that is going to create such a liability? I for one would not purchase a vehicle with an adblue system, seeing as I am an engineer who designed a pump for adblue in Audi vehicles. The headlights and taillights are different, the front ladder-style grill is wider and is surrounded by chrome, and they improved the Audi MMI system, which stands for Multi-Media 2012 Audi A3 170 S-Line Black Edition sport back,brilliant red ,s3 skirts+rear bumper ,RS3 front bumper +rear spoiler , DPF delete, mapped RNS-e, Bluetooth, Map reading lights, Auto lights and wipers, armrest, Cruise control, MFSW,interior lighting pack,rear door sun blinds,lowered 30mm, Half leather alacantra interior. In my view, vw/Audi should replace the sensor or vw/Audi should offer a reimbursement for any cost related to the tdi adblue system that occurred while the court case is pending. The fluid is sprayed into the exhaust of trucks Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is an aqueous urea solution made with 32. Is it illegal to disable, remove or bypass the AdBlue system in a vehicle that will be used on a UK road. The 3. Excellent Powertrain. Audi diagnosed it as a NOX (Nitrous Oxide) sensor fault. AdBlue is carried onboard the vehicle in a separate vessel to the fuel storage tank. 5% deionized water. Audi A6 Allroad I have Q7, 2016 MY and the Adblue is counting down now and I am trying to reset it after the full tank filled but it would not let and unsuccessful. Vehicle manufacturers are using AdBlue® to meet the Euro 6 emission standard for cars and vans. In the DAS troubleshooting section the resistance values are given so I thought I would check that out first. com as What Does the AdBlue Warning (Low Level, No Restart, Malfunction) Warning Light Mean?. It had the I had the pump replaced ($950. First, a bit of background. Here a list of supported models: Your question is general. 5dci dpf nissan qashqai 2. AdBlue contains water and high grade urea, a compound of nitrogen. But earlier in the day the adblue said i had 4500 miles left? i have the van booked in next week to get something else looked at so hopefully they can check this out too, hopefully i dont have another dud van after having a 61 plate 180 sportline that had all the known problems. AdBlue is a chemical liquid used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) on diesel vehicles in order to reduce NOx levels. Audi supplies AdBlue for £1. This software is used by hundreds of car enthusiast without any problems. Audi was worried that American car owners, unused to diesel technology, would not accept the inconvenience of The NOx sensors originally fitted (A0009052900) seem to be prone to failure. myturbodiesel. AdBlue is corrosive and can dissolve materials that are not listed as AdBlue proof in ISO 22241. 5 Improved for other models. 5 percent high purity urea diluted in distilled water and carried onboard the diesel vehicle in a special independent tank. Where to find the Volkswagen Jetta’s Adblue-Tank? The adblue tank filler of your Volkswagen Jetta is at the right rear of the luggage compartment underneath a cover. These systems are installed in cars to meet the emission standards for many diesel vehicles. Car now has some 45,000 miles on it. com: passionné(e)s de Mercedes-Benz, visitez le forum pour en découvrir davantage. Both the 160kW and 200kW versions of the Audi luxury SUV use diesel exhaust fluid additives such as AdBlue to . I. We have created this Audi Q3 dashboard lights meaning guide and will show you how to deal with an engine light, airbag warning light, ABS light and all of the other car warning signs on your dashboard. Using software modification (Chiptuning) we stop the AdBlue consumption in all Fendt Tier 4 models possible. Not cheap but less by far than having the engine smashed inside because a valve or two has hit a piston, which means a new engine. 0 tdi file, a Mercedes Benz SL55 amg with a remap file for a SL500, the list goes on, but one thing the customer probably wouldn’t • Shelf life should be based on the period of time past the date code on the bottle. Equally, accidentally contaminating a diesel tank with AdBlue will cause serious problems. Diagnostic communication is present, meaning if you can fully remove the adblue system. Can't find the right Audi Technical Service Bulletin? Whatever TSB you need, you'll find it among these bulletins. Our specialist engineers can visit you and carry out most Adblue system repairs onsite. Audi will supply and fill adblue at £1. Audi Q5 Engine Problems. Drinks adblue which is costly Mercedes AdBlue fluid for Diesel models Many Mercedes-Benz diesel cars such as E220, C220, S350, G350, ML350, ML250 equipped with BlueTec technology use AdBlue ® Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). There is a small harness that attaches the components to the adblue tank and I want to ohm it out/check the plugs closely. 1/ Look in the handbook? 2/ IIRC 1ltr will do around 1,000 miles. Address 01: Engine Labels: 04L-907-309-V2. The fluid is stored in a tank in the car, but unlike petrol or diesel it is not injected into the engine; instead it is fed into part of the vehicle’s exhaust. Mercedes did 25k before the light came on, but dealer refilled it foc when in for two new tyres, No problems with either car One of the more common diesel exhaust systems used is AdBlue, which can be found in American, European, and Japanese cars. The message on the VCDS on Resetting learning value for reducing agent metering system routine not OK. AdBlue Heater Repair Kit (W166) About Us IDParts. Audi needs to change the AdBlue filler cap design so that I can simply twist it off by hand. Some audis are supplied with a hexagonal adblue filler cap which requires the wheel nut wrench from the boot. In particular, the "Audi Acoustic Function" is apparently a pre-injection of fuel from the injectors prior to the main fuel injection. Paul Willis, VW UK’s managing director, revealed late last year that the company had received nearly View all 8 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2015 Audi Q7 Diesel on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2015 Q7. For info, you can check the Adblue level quite easily by sticking a clean piece of dowel in the Adblue tank: when "full" you should have a depth of Adblue = about 78 mm. Audi DPF removal. 2L Audi engine has no less than four chains running the oil pump and keeping everything in time. Research the 2014 Audi A8 at cars. Adblue problem VW MKVII-Mk7 Golf family including Golf Wagon (~ 2015 +) Oct 8, 2019 Does your vehicle have ADBLUE Faults that even the dealer can not fix? Well we Adblue Problem Removal Services from ECUFLASH. I use three different types of bottles. The driver must ensure that he always has an adequate supply of AdBlue in the tank because if a truck or bus with an SCR system is operated without AdBlue then, beside the risk of damaging the SCR system, in most of the cases the vehicle stops running or goes into LIMP mode! For Adblue problems ECUFLASH has 2 options for you: Option 1. No restart!”). (10-16-2018 11:19 AM) tuningAMT Wrote: Guys Send me files and some info on the car, i will do my best for a good solution!! hey guys i need for a cx7 only scr system off. Audi reckons AdBlue consumption is about 0. 5 includes: • DPF-FLAP Remuver v2017. I am forced to repair the car despite the fact the tdi adblue system never worked properly as advertised by VW/Audi. With WhoCanFixMyCar, simply say what you drive and where you live, and local AdBlue Suppliers will provide competitive quotes for your Vauxhall AdBlue refill, wherever you are. Unique AdBlue Problems - Anyone else? about 3 months and 6000 miles ago and have not had any problems since. However, it is standard in new ML Mercedes and Audi Q5 2. The A3 meets the standard using LeanNOx trap technology, while all of the other models feature selective catalyst reduction, combined with an AdBlue additive. Both the 160kW and 200kW versions of the Audi luxury SUV use diesel exhaust fluid additives such as AdBlue to reduce the effect of harmful particulates. ford transit adblue non start malfunction reset service non runner adblue fluid. August 24, 2019 — Audi Volkswagen Korea and Porsche Korea are in more trouble after regulators and I recently experienced the following problems with my van. There is a similar thread on Facebook. The AdBlue fluid is sprayed in the exhaust gasses and lowers the NO x emissions. As for the electrical problems, like all new cars, the wires are of a very small gauge, so are fragile. Compare Audi Q7 Model Years. In my view, VW/Audi should replace the sensor or VW/Audi should offer a reimbursement for any cost related to the tdi adblue system that occurred while the court case is pending. Back to the Audi dealer, oh yeah, this is an issue with some of the 1St Ultras, so they change the Adblue sensor, doesn't clear it, I am now without the car for the weekend because they are now going to replace the Adblue pump!! Isuzu NPR Mitsubishi Fuso ECU Diesel AdBlue Problems? NOx fault? AdBlue Removal Repair! Isuzu NPR Mitsubishi Fuso ECU Diesel AdBlue Problems? and Audi Q7 Adblue Adblue is the urea addition which gets most diesels to euro6 emissions. Audi says that by the time the 2016 model year cars are introduced, in May 2015, every Audi in its line-up will be capable of meeting the tougher Euro 6 standards. 0L TDI: who performed a 2012 VW Passat TDI EDC17C54 adblue reset: How Audi Q7 owners have reported 21 problems related to engine and engine cooling (under the engine and engine cooling category). The local AdBlue Review. Hey Guys- just crossed 35,000 miles on my 2015 TDI Passat. i have problem with audi Q5 adblue heater, dtc is 16936 (p20bd) The adblue pump unit with the heater was replaced. If you take a longer car drive in freezing temperatures, make sure that the Adblue to refill your tank is not frozen. AdBlue is essential in reducing your Peugeot's emissions, but most drivers know little about what AdBlue is, and where to buy it. Vehicles that have the AdBlue tank situated elsewhere often have a system where it is heated with circulated engine coolant. Both terms, AdBlue and DEF are correct. Their diagnostic suggested "inefficient adblue system". to give users a bit more time to fill up their adblue How to Reset Adblue in 2011+ VAG ECUs of a properly reset Adblue/SCR in a 2015 Audi Q5 3. 00 to replace. South Korean regulators and prosecutors say the automakers cheated in the use of AdBlue. Europe and adjoining countries have grown to know DEF as AdBlue. 0L TDI only) Crash Active Headrest – check function every 2 years regardless of miles/kilometers (A8 only) The fluid used in most vehicles is known as AdBlue, a registered trademark owned by the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA), which ensures standards are maintained. I remember commenting on this forum in response to a survey about Audis poor reliability in comparison to some Japanese brands. We have created this Audi Q5 dashboard lights meaning guide and will show you how to deal with an engine light, airbag warning light, ABS light and all of the other car warning signs on your dashboard. The Adblue cap for the Audi Q5 is located next to the fuel refill cap. Audi has published a new tutorial video for those who have vehicles equipped with a clean diesel engine that needs AdBlue. 5 • EGR-DTC Remuver v2017. 12. oxide emissions by at least 90 percent, while consuming a lot of AdBlue. One day later, Adblue warning message, no restart in 600 miles. This is used to reduce diesel clatter. If you don’t want the trouble of AdBlue, don’t buy a vehicle with AdBlue in it. Our impression of the Audi Q5 was always that of the red-headed stepchild - the platform was old, and the rear tail light situation was odd. How to refill your Volkswagen Jetta’s Adblue? Open the luggage compartment lid. 0 L TDI EDC17 Cluster displayed Adblue - 0 km Adblue refilled . No Skoda model currently in production uses this additive, as the DPF is located close enough to the engine, that its possible to regen simply by adding extra diesel. Diesel Exhaust Fluid AdBlue Vw/Seat/Skoda/Audi, us . 2007 and earlier Models Timing Belts should be replaced at 110K miles or (175,000 km) and for TTS 130K miles (205,000 km) on A3 2. Audi says AdBlue tanks Audi Q7 Engine Problems. 5% of diesel consumption. Also, the Audi has a Bosch electrical system that in multiplexed. Check that the combustion chamber and the injection system are working properly. . Better value for money topping up at home. com is your source for TDI parts, Jeep CRD parts, Mercedes diesel parts, BMW diesel parts and diesels from other manufacturers. 0 TDI Clean Diesel. Audi Q5 car warning lights, car warning symbols such as engine management light, ABS light, airbag light this guide will help you. The range-topping versions of the latest A6 and A7 have switched from Other remap problems are also common place he went on to say “ we have visited cars with the wrong map installed, we found a remap file for an Audi 1. It's a Euro 6 102bhp 2017 model. At this time in Australia not all diesels have it. Complimentary AdBlue® refill service applies for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever I only recall one other false warning of low AdBlue on TDIClub and I can't seem to find that post now. The date code is formatted as MMDDYY (i. Audi Australia corporate communications manager Shaun Cleary told GoAuto that engineers were working on a solution and that once it had been optimised and installed, sales would resume as quickly as possible. 0-litre TDI diesel engine Adblue remove emulator, stoped the DEF liquid flowing in scr system. The problems turned out to be DPFilter particulate reading too high (what I suspected as main problem), AdBlue system fault (the 2nd fault code I found), and SCR catalytic fault (one of the monitors that would not clear during drive cycle). Since 2014, the practice of injecting diesel exhausts with AdBlue via SCR  Sep 25, 2015 So are Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and the others who sell diesel passenger cars. When it works, it works well. all the efficiency of tdi just went up in smoke. How To Refill The Adblue On Audi Q7 Hi the adblue tank on the new q7 is a minimum of 24litres according to my dealer when he looked it up in the mechanical specs level. 5% aqueous solution of urea (minimum 31. 1. In looking at the EPC further I think the whole dang tank is sold as a unit. com and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. This is the Audi Q7 3. i dont trust in those apps that remove adblue from the system. Urea to cut NOx. 0L TDI in it we largely wondered why anyone would choose the Q5 over a Touareg or a Q7. over $750. The interior feels spacious enough and comfortable and I've had very few issues with the car since I purchased it. They replaced with A0009053603 and I've had no problems since. VW Passat Family (NMS and B7) TDIs (2012+) Discussion area for the 2012+ Passat TDI (North American and rest of world versions versions). Read the review and see photos of the 2011 Audi Q7 TDI Quattro at Car and Driver. For years, they had the timing belt turning one cam and a chain with a variable valve timing tensioner running the other cam. But in real-world terms, we used 15 litres over 550 litres of fuel. Although the above problems are Audi Dashboard Warning Lights If you’re like most people, you probably freak the frak out when lights start flashing, buzzers start buzzing, or frogs rain down upon you from the firmament . Adblue audi q7. AdBlue all ok. In case of severe condi-tions, such as extremely low temperatures, excessive dust, etc. Nov 29, 2018 Many diesel cars registered after September 2015 use AdBlue to reduce emissions. but message did not disappered. 0L TDI and Q5 3. Second, there was a lesser known cheat as part of the ZF8 8-speed transmission. How can I get around no AdBlue in an emergency? In essence you can’t, really. This software is very easy to use, even for a beginner. Diesel exhaust fluid adblue vw/seat/skoda/audi. AdBlue® is a solution that helps minimise the amount of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) being produced by certain diesel engines. Under the direction of the onboard computer and a NOx sensor, the fluid is pumped into the exhaust stream at the rate of 2 to 4 ounces to a gallon of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) consumed. The Adblue range warning came up on the dash display last week. Larger AdBlue containers require a connecting pipe, available at your local Audi Centre. I drive a 2012 Audi Q5. The driver must ensure that he always has an adequate supply of AdBlue in the tank because if a truck or bus with an SCR system is operated without AdBlue then, beside the risk of damaging the SCR system, in most of the cases the vehicle stops running or goes into LIMP mode! ADBLUE PROBLEMS. Nov 9, 2018 Audi Australia is waiting for a fix for a potential emissions management issue that has seen the company halt the sale of two of three Q7  May 10, 2017 Audi road side assistance diagnosed a faulty adblue pump, so the car is now Think Max had this problem on his Q7 and pump was changed. AdBlue®, a water/urea based additive, is stored in a tank (like diesel fuel), however, unlike fuel it is not injected into the engine, but directly into a specially modified part of the vehicle’s exhaust. Did not fancy feeding the Audi fat cats £1. Audi's mid-size SUV delivers handling agility that inspires confidence and makes it fun-to-drive. In light of the recent TDI emissions matters, we are committed to keeping our owners informed about updates and future remedies. My AdBlue warning light came on this afternoon in my way home from work. (superseded parts were fitted both times) All well for a while then we have An AdBlue system fault appeared in the DIS on my 3 month old A6 I called my Audi Centre who sent out Audi Assist. 0L Diesel Emissions Settlement. The Audi guy told me that adding the AdBlue is quite expensive in terms of labor for what they’re actually doing (filling a tank), but that it’s quite easy for anyone to do. Accidentally adding diesel fuel or engine oil to the AdBlue tank, for example, will seriously impact how well the SCR system works. Oct 11, 2018 Audi has suspended sales of its full-sized Q7 SUV in Australia. That's about two litres of AdBlue for every tank of diesel. Consumer Reports subscribers reported on any serious problems they had with their vehicles AdBlue Audi As one of the Volkswagen brands affected by the emissions scandal, Audi is making strenuous efforts to be seen as an eco-friendly company, so many of its latest diesel cars use the AdBlue system, including models in its A4 , A6 , Q3 and Q7 (pictured) ranges. audi adblue problems

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